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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions

What is is a platform where you can earn cashback as much as you want. We have hundreds of online partner merchants to choose from to shop online. You just shop as usual but this time you can earn cashback on your every qualified purchase. So the purpose of our website is to provide the facility for our customers to earn cashback.

Is it Free to join?

Yes! is 100% free to join and you do not need to pay any kind of fee to use this site.

How do earn the money?

The answer is very simple! You shop on one of our partner website and when you purchase anything on our partner website, they just send us the advertising commission to us and we simply pass the percentage of that commission to you as cashback.

How much I can earn as cashback?

There is no limit on the amount that you can earn cashback, earning is completely depends on you that how much you spend on our partner website. So as much you spend as much cashback you can earn.

Does require sign up / membership?

Yes. In order to track you transaction you need to sign up on our website to earn cashback. Sign up process is very simple and we just need some of your basic information on sign up process such as your name, your email address etc.

Is itself a store?

No! does NOT sell any products. When you select a merchant on our site we then link you to the merchant site to transact. When you reach on the merchant site then you are directly dealing on the merchant site and you are not connected to at that point.

If I have a problem/ question with the product/s I bought from the merchant?

When you bought a product on any of our partner merchant and if you have any question / problem with that product so you have to contact the merchant from whom you bought the product. Please keep in mind that is NOT a store and we just send you to our partner merchant.

How do I know that how much cashback I can earn from a merchant?

Next to each merchant details we have displayed a percentage of cashback OR pound (£) amount you can earn from each merchant.

CashBack Questions

When do I get paid?

Once you reached £20 or more balance in your account you can send us a pay-out request by clicking withdrawal link and we will send you the cash via Bank Transfer OR paypal based on your account settings.

What is a sign up Reward?

When you sign up on we add a £5 balance to your account as a sign up reward.

Can I withdraw the £5 sign up reward?

Yes of course! That is your money and you can withdraw it anytime once you reach the minimum payout £20 or more balance in your account.

What is a qualified purchase?

There are many things to be considered for a qualified purchase like you must:

  • Logged into
  • At least 18 years old
  • Click through the valid links from to link to the participating online merchant’s website
  • Do NOT purchase any item/s that is excluded by participating merchant as identified in the “conditions”
  • Do NOT make any changes to the order once it is placed by using any communication medium because your order will NOT be credited resulting in disqualification to earn cash back
  • See our Terms & Conditions

How often does merchant’s cashback offer changes?

It depends on merchant by it does not change very frequently and we try our best to update the website as change happen but it is not guaranteed always.

What is a pending cashback in my account?

Once you made a qualified purchase through our website we have a system to track your transaction. Once the retailer tracked and confirmed your transaction to us, we mark it as pending cashback and this can take up to 30 or more days from the date of your purchase.

What is a declined cashback in my account?

Cashback could be declined for many reasons like you did not made a qualified purchase, cookies were not enabled in your browser, you click some other website before making the purchase etc. Please visit our terms and conditions and privacy policy for more details.

What is a confirmed status in my account?

Once your transaction was successfully tracked and confirmed by our retailer and the retailer has passed the funds on to affiliate network for your transaction so we confirm these funds in your account and they are ready to be paid out. This whole process can take up to 90 days depending on the merchant.

My account Questions

How do I create my account?

Click on the “Sign Up” at the top right corner of the site and provide some basic information like name, email address, password. And it’s completely free.

I forgot my password, what should I do?

In the case if you forgot your password, just click forgot password link on the login page and type in your email address along the security code (type the alphanumeric character shown at the right side) and we will send you the new password.

How do I change my password?

To change your password, you need to click on the edit profile link under My Account section at the left side of the page and there you can see the change password section, just type in your current password, new password and confirm the new password and you are set to go.

How do I edit my account information?

To edit your account details, you need to click on the edit profile link under My Account section at the left side of the page and there you can see your details under “My Profile” section, here you can change your account details.

I want to close my account?

Though there is no need to close your account because it is free but in any case if you want to close to close your account by sending us the email to OR submit your account close request by filling out CONTACT US form.

Orders and Payments Questions

I do not see the purchase I made under my account?

It can take up to 30 days or more in some cases after your purchase to appear in your account (pending cashback), so please be patience and the transaction should appear into your account. But if after certain days there is no sign of the purchase in your account (pending cashback), please contact us by filling out CONTACT US form.

Why my purchase was not tracked?

Though our maximum transactions are tracked but there can be multiple reasons where we are unable to track your transaction, for instance, cookies are not enabled in your browser, you installed the cookie blocker software in your system, anti-virus software or any other protection software might prevent cashback tracking back to your account.

If this is the case, then you need to be patience and contact us and we will look it for you.

How do I check my cashback and payment history?

By clicking the payment history, you can check all your cashback and payment history details.

Important Questions

What are your terms & conditions?

You can find our terms and conditions in the footer (bottom) of website.

What is your privacy policy?

You can find our privacy policy in the footer (bottom) of website.

I want to contact

Click “contact us” located at the bottom of website.

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